Notary Services

Would you like to notarize your prenuptial agreement before getting married or do you need an apostille authentication for your marriage certificate before heading back home?

Las Vegas Notary Public is available 7 days a week by appointment at Las Vegas Wedding Chapel from 1pm to 10pm

(If you have a wedding ceremony scheduled before 1pm, you may also receive notarial services at that time)

Prices start at $15 for the first signature.

• Prenup aka Prenuptial Agreements

• Affidavits Birth Certificate Applications

• Petitioner For Divorce Decree Documents

•  Passport Applications

•  Clark County School District Shared Housing Verification Request Forms

•  Loan Refinance Signings

•  Seller Real Estate Closing Document Signings

•  Apostille Services,

•  And Many Other Non-Vital Document Notarizations.